5 Ways To Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

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If you own or manage an online store, you most likely understand the frustration that comes with seeing abandoned carts.

You’ve probably seen users visiting your eCommerce website, exploring your product categories and clicking on product pages. You get excited that some of them click “Add to Cart” — finally, some sales, right?

But then — nothing.

They don’t complete the purchase. Some of them don’t even return to your store.

This problem is known as “cart abandonment” or “checkout abandonment” — and no, they are not the same thing (be sure to watch the video to learn the difference).

Abandonments are more common than you think. Research by the Baymard Institute puts the average shopping cart abandonment rate at 68.81%. That means only a little over 3 out of every 10 shoppers that add products to their cart don’t complete the purchase.

But why are people abandoning their shopping carts in the first place? According to the Baymard Institute, most people that leave an online store are just browsing — the equivalent of window shopping when visiting brick and mortar stores.

In other words, to fix your cart or checkout abandonment rate, you’re going to need to nudge undecided shoppers to complete their purchase.

In this episode, our Head Ninja Tim offers 5 practical tips to lower your cart and checkout abandonment rate. We go over a number of solutions to these common shopping obstacles that lead to abandonment:

➡️ The “I’m just browsing” crowd
➡️ Unexpected costs at checkout
➡️ Forcing shoppers to create accounts
➡️ Lack of credibility
➡️ Lack of payment options

Dive into the video!


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⏲ Timestamps
00:00 — Introduction
02:00 — Checkout Abandonment and Cart Abandonment Explained
06:25 — Cart Abandonment Rate Stats
10:51 — Tip 1: Nudge the “I’m Just Browsing” Crowd to Buy
12:19 — Tip 2: Avoid Surprising Shoppers With Unexpected Costs
17:24 — Tip 3: Don’t Force People to Create an Account Before Checkout
20:22 — Tip 4: Beef Up Your Credibility
23:29 — Tip 5: Offer a Variety of Payment Options
25:30 — Key Takeaways


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By: Exposure Ninja
Title: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate
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