5 ways ChatGPT Can Grow Your Business

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Is Chat GPT growing your business for you, yet? This video reveals the 5 ways you can get ChatGPT to help you make more money online. This is the tool I’m using:

Links to additional training and resources that were mentioned in the video are below. Assume all of these are affiliate links because I’m a proud affiliate who appreciates your support!

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Ok, those are the resources.


Why is this video about ChatGPT the most important video you can possibly watch right now?

Because there’s no putting the AI genie back in the bottle.

This technology has been unleashed on our world and it is disrupting every industry including that of affiliate marketers, digital creators, influencers, YouTubers, and internet entrepreneurs.

If you aren’t leveraging the chat GPT technology to help you grow your business faster you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to be more productive and to create more compelling and higher converting offers.

If you are more productive you can get more content published meaning you’ll drive more traffic with the help of AI.

If you continue to improve the persuasiveness of your copy you publish you will continue to convert more traffic into leads and more leads into customers… Meaning AI will help you make more money, too.


People are stubborn about their willingness to accept that the Internet was here to revolutionize the world back in the 90s.

I was all in on the Internet from a very early age and being an early pioneer in that space has helped me greatly in my pursuit of designing my perfect life with ample free time and prosperity in abundance.

The same thing is happening again right now with AI and Chat GPT.


This video is designed to help you understand the processes you can leverage in order to get AI to help you make money online.

Timestamps for chapters:
0:00 Introduction: What Is Chat GPT AI & How Does It Work?
0:46 Free ChatGPT Tool If You Don’t Have a Go-To AI Tool Yet.
1:20 The Trick to ChatGPT Prompts That Get The Best Results.
4:06 First, prompt ChatGPT to Reveal Your Customer Conversion Secrets
6:20 Building Your Customer Avatar With ChatGPT AI
6:56 Prompt ChatGPT to Brainstorm Content Ideas to Create
9:06 Keyword Research with ChatGPT
10:52 Unlock Your Chat GPT Copywriting Assistant
13:32 Let AI Create Your Lead Magnet For You
16:59 ChatGPT SEO Secrets Revealed

By: Miles Beckler
Title: 5 ways ChatGPT Can Grow Your Business
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=68tIqOSPcu0

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