5 Tricks on How to Use Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is the most powerful free tool you can use for your ecommerce store. Although many people have already used this tool but many are still not completely aware of the tricks on how they can get as much profit from their store by using this tool. With Google Analytics, you will be provided with data that is crucial to your ecommerce site. Here are my five best tricks on using Google Analytics:

 Where is most of your traffic coming from?

Traffic to your site may come from direct sources (i.e. people actually typing in your website url) or organic (i.e. traffic coming from regular Google search results). The importance of knowing where most of your traffic comes from is for you to also know how to increase it. With the use of Google Analytics, you may be able to find out that most of your traffic comes from organic, direct or other sources. For example, there are cases when most of your site’s traffic comes from Facebook. By knowing where most of your traffic comes from you will also be able to decide or create steps on how you can better capitalize on such traffic. Why is it that most of your traffic comes from Facebook? Is there something that you did that lead to the increase of traffic from Facebook? Can you also do the same thing on Pinterest, Twitter,  Instagram and to any other areas of your business? Decide what steps to take so that the same thing will also occur on your other sources of traffic. When talking about traffic, remember the 80/20 principle. 80 per cent of your results will come from 20 percent of inputs.

Where does your highest converting traffic come from?

Let’s say you are getting a thousand people from Facebook but then they are not converting. On the other hand, you are getting only a hundred people from Twitter but 50 of them are converting so this means if you will only try to double your effort towards increasing traffic from Twitter then it could mean a lot to your business. By having this data in front of you, you can now decide where to focus much of your efforts.

What traffic has the most potential?

You will know that traffic has the “most potential” when you see on Google Analytics that you are getting lots of it despite investing too little time to it. If the data from Google Analytics shows that you are getting lots of traffic from Pinterest and yet you were only investing ten minutes to it each day, then you should try to consider investing more time to it. This is to ensure that the amount of traffic generated on this area will turn out to be “conversions” AKA more profit to your business.

What are your top landing pages?

Google Analytics also allows you to see what your top landing pages are. Being able to identify these pages will help you think of better ways on how you can increase conversion from these entry points. These top landing pages does not necessarily mean your top pages in terms of conversion. Google Analytics may show several pages as your “top landing pages”, but then your next task is to determine which of these pages have led to increased number of conversion and only then will you be able to come up with steps on the necessary tweaks that you need to do to these sites in order to maximize the conversion rate.

What are your top exit pages?

Exit pages refer to pages wherein as soon as people land on it, they immediately leave. Knowing your top exit pages will help you make assessments regarding the quality of that page. You have to carefully examine the page and see if there are obvious mistakes that you overlooked such as messed up images or your maybe something’s wrong with that particular page. Once you identified these mistakes you should then think of ways on how you can keep people longer on these pages. This will not only reduce the bounce rate but it will also help you increase your conversion rate.

Google Analytics also provides you with data regarding:

Top Organic Search Landing Pages
Top Converting Cities or States
How Your Site is Performing on Desktop and/or Mobile Devices
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By: Travis Marziani
Title: 5 Tricks on How to Use Google Analytics
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