5 Steps for Implementing a Contextual Content Marketing Strategy

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Ever found yourself scrolling through your inbox loaded with marketing emails? I think we all have. Irrelevant product offers, flash sales, newsletters and endlessly boring feedback forms.
More and more businesses are producing digital marketing content through social media, online blogs, podcasts and videos, making it extremely difficult for brands to cut through the clutter and have their voices heard.
So, with all of these factors against us, how are content creators supposed to make their marketing messages stand out from the crowd? And that’s where contextual content marketing comes into play!

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0:00 INTRO
1:16 What is Contextual Content Marketing?
2:05 Establish Customer Data Collection
2:44 Buyer Personas & Buyers Journey Segmentation
3:27 Timing
4:33 Tone of Voice
5:00 Delivery Channel
5:33 OUTRO

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Title: 5 Steps for Implementing a Contextual Content Marketing Strategy
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