5 Experiments You Need to Run NOW on Your eCommerce Store to Increase Your Conversion Rate

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This is a can’t-miss session with Sara Pion, an eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization expert. Her CRO work includes helping Voiceflow drive a 95.68% increase in page views, 26.92% increase in unique page views, and a 64.57% decrease in bounce rate across the entire site; Alyce increase the overall conversion rate of the site by 360% in two months and drive a 22.87% increase in demo requests.

Saying she knows her way around CRO would be an understatement. In this session, Sara will discuss the 5 experiments that most stores don’t run and that are the most crucial to quickly improving conversion rates.

Sara Pion is the Head of Marketing Strategy, for Dandy, where she focuses on web optimization and experimentation to increase conversion rates, qualified leads, and improve lifecycle growth. She’s a Growth and Demand Generation expert who has marketed across high growth companies including Drift, Alyce, Voiceflow, and now Dandy. Sara is a Podcast Co-Host, regularly contributing to a variety of marketing-related podcasts. You can hear her on Hey Salespeople’s ApplePodcast episode – Humanizing “Bot People”; First Person’s- Why the Road Not Taken Doesn’t Matter & How to Grow a Career in Marketing Without Selling Your Soul; B2B Growth’s Podcast – The Rise of Community and How to Build One, and a quite a few more.

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Title: 5 Experiments You Need to Run NOW on Your eCommerce Store to Increase Your Conversion Rate
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