5 Crucial Things Every Landing Page Should Have (With Examples)

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There are 5 important elements that every high-converting landing page contains. That’s what we’re exploring in this video.

Landing pages are a bit different compared to your usual webpage in that it is hyper-focused on one goal: Getting the user to convert/take some sort of action (usually something like signing up or making a purchase).

Given their purpose, special attention needs to be given to five elements:
1. Value proposition
2. Call-to-action
3. Maintain attention
4. Visuals
5. Social proof

Avoid clutter and links that aren’t conducive to the page’s goal and focus on the above 5. That’s how you create an effective landing page.

00:00 Intro
00:30 What’s a landing page?
1:17 Value Proposition
1:36 Call-to-action
2:00 Maintain attention
2:18 Visuals
2:43 Social proof
3:20 Example 1: Shopify
4:56 Example 2: Webflow
5:56 Example 3: Netflix
7:00 Example 4: Hootsuite

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Title: 5 Crucial Things Every Landing Page Should Have (With Examples)
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