43) Adventures of a Product Marketing Maverick

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In this episode of CoBB, we have Lijo Isac, a complete maverick. After his MBA, unlike most of his peers, he shunned the top jobs to go work for new age internet companies. About 17 years later, Lijo has worked on Consumer Tech brands that have touched almost every Indian’s life. He has worked on brands like Rediff.com, Practo, Paytm, and now Byju’s. As if to top it all off, he is also an Angel Investor encouraging entrepreneurs to pursue opportunities beyond their wildest dreams.

Sharan & Sudeep speak to Lijo on his unconventional career path, to take us on a captivating journey, walking us through the pivotal moments that shaped his professional trajectory. From highly technology-led roles to transitioning into marketing, Lijo reflects on the challenges he encountered and the skills he acquired along the way.

Delving into the realm of product marketing, Lijo explains its nuances and dispels the misconception that it is exclusive to the tech industry. He highlights the distinctions between product marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing, offering valuable insights into the demands and opportunities of a product management career. Furthermore, Lijo compares product marketing across different sectors such as pharma, edutech, and more, uncovering both the differences and commonalities in his experiences.

Drawing from his expertise as an angel investor, Lijo also shares his wisdom on the world of startup investments. He discusses the importance of mentors and the criteria he considers when deciding which ventures to support. Lijo sheds light on his role as an angel investor and reveals how he manages deal flow while staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the ever-evolving startup ecosystem. Through his own successful investments, he offers valuable insights into the factors that contribute to a startup’s triumph.

As the conversation progresses, Lijo offers his advice for aspiring tech marketers and entrepreneurs seeking funding. He shares his vision for the future, exploring how emerging technologies like AI and machine learning will impact product marketing in specific industries such as health tech, fintech, and edtech.

Lijo Isac’s diverse career journey and his deep insights into product marketing and angel investing make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the unconventional path to marketing awesomeness. Join our hosts as they explore Lijo’s experiences and gain valuable takeaways that can guide your own professional endeavours.

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Title: 43) Adventures of a Product Marketing Maverick
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