3.9. AAARRR Funnel

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00:03 AAARRR Funnel: developer and original form
00:21 Why do we need AAARRR Funnel?
00:53 Awareness and its goal
01:18 Awareness and its tactics (Ads, SEO, SMM, Content, Webinars, Influencers)
01:41 Awareness and metrics (CPM%, CTR%, Brand Search Volume)
02:20 Awareness: Edadeal case
03:34 Awareness: B1.lt case
04:43 Acquisition and its meaning
04:57 Acquisition. How to interact with a customer?
05:10 Acquisition and metrics (CR%, Leads, Bounce)
06:08 How to increase customer acquisition?
06:12 Acquisition: Tviz case
07:40 Your search volume grows when conversion increases
07:55 Activation and its idea
08:15 Customer and the Aha-moment
08:25 Customer and the value of your product
08:58 Dedicated customers
09:08 Activation and metrics (Activation Rate%)
09:19 Activation: DocDoc case
10:35 Retention and its importance
10:48 Retention and its goal
10:55 How to retain the customer? E-mail, Messengers, Push-Notification, etc.
11:02 Main retention tool — product quality
11:12 Retention and metrics (N-day Retention%, Rolling Retention, CSI%, Sticky Factor (DAU/MAU)
13:03 Retention: Miro case
14:00 Retention: Tutu.ru case
15:04 Revenue and its idea
15:13 Revenue. Work with business model, paywall, price
15:21 Revenue and metrics (Paying Users%, Income$)
15:42 Revenue: Lingualeo case
16:33 Referral and its types (one- or two-side)
16:45 Referral Program and Viral Loop
18:06 Referral and metrics (K-factor, Share Rate%)
18:36 Referral: Modulbank case

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Title: 3.9. AAARRR Funnel
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