20-Step Checklist To Never Get Facebook Ad Account Disabled

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Have you gotten your Facebook Ad account disabled? Or, Are you looking to prevent your ad account from EVER being disabled?

Don’t worry, with this 20-step checklist you’ll be able to keep your account safe and sound!

I’ve done every mistake in the book you can make with Facebook Ads as a business owner, and I’m creating this video so that you don’t have to.


0:00 – Intro
1:12 – Why Is Facebook Restricting Accounts?
3:11 – #1 Get Your Business Manager Verified
3:42 – #2 Ensure No One Involved In The Ad Account Previously Banned By Facebook
4:14 – #3 Make Sure Ad And Landing Page Have Congruence
4:51 – #4 Make Sure Ad Text and Creative Are Congruent
5:41 – #5 Make Sure You’re Not Trying Too Hard To Get Clicks On Your Ad
6:45 – #6 Make Sure Text Doesn’t Take Up More Than 20% Of The Ad Creative
7:20 – #7 Use Custom Domain Name
8:25 – #8 Avoid Using Words Facebook/ Meta/ Instagram In Ad Copy, Creative Or Landing Page
8:56 – #9 Make Sure You Don’t Have Time Claims
9:49 – #10 Keep Ad Account Safe From Any Monetary Claims
10:58 – #11 Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Before And After Claims
11:49 – #12 Lower The Aggressiveness Of Your Claims
12:29 – #13 Avoid Grammatical Errors
12:46 – #14 Stay Away From Cursing Or Swearing
13:08 – #15 Don’t Ask People How Much Debt They Have
13:53 – #16 Avoid Using Too Much Ambiguity
14:30 – #17 Don’t Using Single Out Your Audience Based On Personal Info
15:28 – #18 Use As Many Disclaimers As Possible
15:54 – #19 Use Footer With Relevant Information
16:46 – #20 Make Sure To Always Publish One Ad At A Time



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By: Ravi Abuvala
Title: 20-Step Checklist To Never Get Facebook Ad Account Disabled
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxMATJlswMg

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