193 WP-Tonic: Oli Gardner on Landing Pages and Conversion Rate Optimization

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Oli Gardner, the co-founder of Unbounce, joins us to talk landing pages, and conversion rate optimization for pages.

There’s a lot of psychology behind what landing pages are, and why they are superior to inner pages for pushing a specific offer. We look at all the things you should know about landing pages, and what makes people click.



Table of Contents for Episode 193

0:00 Podcast intros.
1:13 How Oli got into digital marketing.
2:09 What is the difference between a landing page and an ordinary page on your site? What specific purpose does a landing page serve?
3:21 What is attention ratio? How does it relate to where people click and what action s they take?
4:59 What are some common mistakes that people make with clarity of message?
8:51 What role does design play in optimizing a page for conversion?
11:20 We need data for A/B testing. What is a good sample size for A/B data? How long should those tests run? Defining your ideal customer.
17:47 The power of social proof. Who should you be using in testimonials to influence your target customers?
22:01 How much automation should you use in marketing? How machine learning is going to change everything in the next few years.
25:56 How can designers, marketers, and copywriters work together? What is the ideal workflow for page design, and page optimization?
28:57 Advice for writing headlines.
30:47 Thoughts on videos. Don;t do things just because other people are doing it. How to use video in a powerful way.
33:45 Have an open mind when optimizing pages. Trusting the data. Using what you have to improve.
35:20 Some other influencers to follow and watch presentations by. The upcoming Call to Action Conference.
42:30 What would Oli tell his younger self to make his journey easier? What does a modern marketer need to succeed?
44:10 The strengths and weaknesses that Oli sees in the WordPRess ecosystem.
46:00 What are some tips that Oli has for speakers and presenters looking to up their game?
47:47 Podcast outros.


Links mentioned during the show:


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Watson Developer Cloud (BlueMix)

Watsonfinds (WordPress plugin)



Call To Action Conference 2017

Mathew Sweezey (Salesforce)

Wil Reynolds

Tyler Farnsworth

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