10 Google Analytics mistakes – Are you making these?

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Is Google Analytics not working out for you sometimes?

Google Analytics is already a very complex tool that needs a lot of customization to give you the information you want. Without the right knowledge it can get overwhelming quickly and you might feel like you’re doing things just the wrong way.

In this video, we’re going to go through 10 checkpoints to see if you’ve done them correctly and to save time, energy and money by avoiding future mistakes.

01:03 Goals
02:03 UTM Parameters
03:07 Clean Data
04:05 Personal Identifiable Information
05:39 Tag Management System
06:29 Data Segmenting
07:11 UTM Parameters for Internal Links
08:01 Annotations
08:49 Misunderstanding the GA model
09:54 Not taking action


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By: MeasureSchool
Title: 10 Google Analytics mistakes – Are you making these?
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