10 Copywriting Tips & Triggers To Be INSANELY More Persuasive ⚡

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10 Practical Psychology Techniques To Use In Your Sales Copy
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There are no magical words that can hypnotize your audience to magically take out their credit and give you money – but there are some proven and practical psychology techniques based on the study of us weird humans that can help make your copywriting exponentially more persuasive.

These copywriting tips are based on powerful and proven sales techniques that you can use in your sales copy to provoke emotion and action by activating your customer’s “internal motivators”.

Many of these psychological triggers I learned from one of the top experts in the field of human persuasion — Dr. Robert Cialdini, who wrote the bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. If you haven’t read that book I definitely recommend it. In fact it’s one of my top 5 favorite books on copywriting and marketing (see all 5 here:

The list I’m sharing with you today is only a handful of the Copy Posse Approved psychological triggers I train on inside my live copywriter coaching program — the Copy Posse Launch Pad. It’s currently closed for enrolment but you can get your hands on the insider recordings, formulas and guides below:



Every single week I provide tips and resources from my copywriting vault, so go ahead and browse the tutorials and guides I already have up and, after you subscribe, hit that little bell icon so you don’t miss any future videos from me.


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By: Alex Cattoni
Title: 10 Copywriting Tips & Triggers To Be INSANELY More Persuasive ⚡
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